Do you currently have or want to open a small business in the city of Pottsville?  PADCO offers financial and operational guidance as well as small business, low interest loans.  PADCO was founded in 1984 with the goal of overseeing the Revitalization of the Pottsville Downtown Commercial District.  As a non-profit organization PADCO holds a significant portfolio of investments relating to downtown small business. 

Revolving Loan Fund

The goals of the Revolving Loan Fund include:

  • Creation of quality, full time employment opportunities for the residents of Pottsville

  • Encouragement of new private investment in the Enterprise Zone

  • Bolster the local tax base through property expansions and infrastructure developement

  • Serve as the primary industrial development agency for the city of Pottsville


Submission instructions

  1. Fill out the application completely

  2. Include a well written, detailed business plan

  3. Include $100 check to cover the application fee

  4. Mail or drop off at the PADCO office: 1 South 2nd Street, Pottsville, PA 17901.

Once submitted, the PADCO finance committee will review the application (and included business plan) and will contact the business with any questions or further instructions.

Business Resources

PADCO offers an array of financial and operational small business support, but coordinates with many other organizations throughout the county. Each organization offers it own specific ability to help small businesses develop or expand, depending on their needs.  PADCO’s main goal is to coordinate efforts that will most efficiently provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with the ability to achieve success. For more information, check out the following resources: